OTAC’s Ballack

Pedigree Name: OTAC’s Bourne Invincible
Callname: Ballack
Pedigree: (Pedigree Link)

Ballack.pupThis dog is a product of the Fagan x Sparta litter. He grew up in a family home then came back to us as a young adult. We are extremely pleased to be have this dog back in the OTAC camp. Once with us, we explored his characteristics, strengths and weaknesses. Ballack proved to be a fantastic specimen, suitable as an active family dog, yet possess’s the capabilities as a good sport or protection prospect. Here we were able to test out the raw qualities of this dog, without the influence of conditioning and training from puppyhood. Which is a fine way to access the natural genetics getting passed down OTAC’s line of American Bulldog.Click here Ballack prey development: or for more advanced protection training


OTAC's Ballack

Ballack has gone through various temperament, environmental and working test and came through them with great results. Watch Ballack’s ability to defend handler. We expect him to play a distinct part in the OTAC family of bulldog’s, so watch this space.

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