OTAC’s Fagan

Pedigree Name: OTAC’s Thugg@War
Callname: Fagan
Sire: OTAC’s Judge
Dam: OTAC’s Crime’n’Justice
Height: 25″ inch / 62.5cm
Fagan is a direct son of OTAC’s Judge, and is a bulldog who models a fantastic frame with a personality to Fagan.2match. He is currently one of our senior bulldogs who age is in double figures. Over the years he has proved to be a great home guardian and family dog. He is slightly shorter muzzle than some of our stock but possesses good wind nevertheless. This boy has plenty of character, and still runs around with plenty of enePup.faganrgy for a large older dog. He takes no nonsense from strangers or from other dogs, but is able to tolerate other males dogs that are respectful. Fagan is one of those intelligent dogs that is gifted with a natural muscular

physic, which allowed him to perform many athletic duties for a dog his size. He oozes confidents and walks around owning any environment he enters. He has also produced some fine American bulldogs for ourselves and other kennel’s. For more and unto date photo’sOTAC's Thugg@War

Fagan 2yrs