OTAC’s Marshall

Pedigree Name: OTAC’s Bourne Supremacy (Pedigree Link)
Callname: Marshall



This dog is the son of Judge and the sire too OTAC’s Bailiff. Marshall stands around 27″ and tables around 117lbs of strength and power. He now is a senior member of the OTAC family of bulldog, but In his prime this dog was a fantastic Working American Bulldog trading his time in the Security k9 industry . He nose work capabilities put many a herder to shame, when searching for criminals in training. While this ability came of use when called upon in serious situations. In protection Marshall could handle a ton of pressure and had a high pain threshold. His bite pressure pound for pound was also tremendous, like his sire Judge.  Yet when Marshall was off duty, at home he is a fun loving family dog. Marshall Has past down his solid well balanced temperament, intelligence and strength onto his offspring. All in all this dog is a true bulldog in every state of the word. For more pictures