OTAC’s Judge (R.I.P)


Pedigree: OTAC’s Judge

Foundation Dog

Judge was our first American bulldog; he was recruited after some extensive research into the breed. We previously own other working bred dogs, including  Collie’s, German Shepherds and Rottweiler. Therefore the emphasis of this new dog, would be to fit into our active family network and full fill the potential as a working American bulldog.Judge

We decided that the most suitable type of American bulldog to suit our needs, was the standard hybrid version. As the heavy set, short muzzle Johnson type, would struggle to keep up to the standards we expect from a working dog. The pure standard/performance type generally lacked the strength, temperament and size to work in the security field. So when checked the available stock around, we selected for health, temperament, phenotype, drive and working potential and ability.   OTAC's Judge

Judge was a quick learning intelligent dog, that has a superb temperament. Easily adaptable in any setting or environment. He seem to intuitively understand how to behave react at any given time. Whether it be, at the park around kids, travelling on the underground in public or working the doors of some of the nasty clubs of London. Where his full potential excelled, having trumendous power, presence, and drive. This dog was simply on point. His qualities made him the perfect candidate working on some of London’s doors and raves.

OTACWe are glad to say that all the stock we have produced and own all go back to this great giant of the breed “Judge”. His impact as a dog has been so influential, that we made him the cornerstone of our kennels. Therefore, although he is no longer with us, it is clear that his legacy lives on within our stock.

This has made OTAC what it is today……… RIP Big boy!

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