OTAC’s Tori R.I.P

Pedigree Name: OTAC’s Dusk’2’Dawn
Callname: Tori R.I.P
Sire: OTAC’s Judge
Dam: Brookfield Queen of OTAC
Height: 25″ inch / 62.5cm

Tori (R.I.P) was a daughter of Judge and the dam of Bailiff. She served the OTAC family in a fantastic way, being a great working companion and having a direct impact on the direction of our program. We produced a pillar female American bulldog, that  has left her mark on our bloodline and the gene pool for the breed as a whole. She produced dogs such as Cane, Bane, Gaza and of course the Bailiff. These dogs each have their own qualities that can benefit the breed in the longterm.  Tori was a 85lb, 25″ bitch that had a serious nature but was a whole lot of fun to on. She was a totally loyal animal that was happy playing or training all day. Yet when it came to serious protection, Tori was always dependable and willing to be at the frontline. Dearly missed!


Otac's Tori