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This Book “The Working American Bulldog” is one of my first bulldog books I owned and still have.

It is actioned packed with information, stories and pictures. The book covers a range of topics, such as the breed history, raising and training. Along with the breed types and breeding.

A book I would recommend for any American bulldog owner. You can trace back you own dogs heritage to one if not several foundation dogs. You can get a copy of this book, by clicking on the picture.

You can read and look through this working American bulldog book, again and again, so enjoy!

K-9 Bodyguards by Mike Harlow was another favourite book I read that gave a good insight of training and working with bull-breeds from a prospective of a former officer.


 I could give more insight on the book, but read a review from a reader:

I applaud Officer Harlow for writting this book, as it dispels many myths about the breeds and techniques used in creating k-9 body guards. Mike isn’t telling people how to train your Aunts golden retriever!! This is a serious book for those who feel inclined to own a dog that could save your life on the streets and in your home. Too many pro dog trainers are scared to death to even think that you can use anything other than Euro hearding breeds to be competent protectors and reliable companions. This is a good book. 

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