About Us

OTAC American Bulldogs are located in the London, England (UK). Our main focus is to produce the finest working American bulldogs available. We are a family set up dedicated to the continued development of the breed. We have been involved with various breeds of dogs for over 30 years. However we are all involved in different aspects of our dog’s progressive program. From breeding and socialising pups, testing and selecting adults, to working the dogs in security k9 industry.

OTAC’s Judge Long Attack

OTAC’s Judge on Military Tank

Over the  years we have shown great commitment to the breed, as they have given us so much in return. Having several generations of this great family of dogs, has widened out knowledge and experience with the breed, and would love to share that with others. There are not many things in life that remain consistent, but the pleasure we have got back from the OTAC Bulldog family is second to none. So if we can assist you further, please get in touch

OTAC Bulldogs!