American Bulldog Pups

American Bulldog pups!

UPDATE:  October 2019

Contact us for details on Pups/Litters winter 2019!


We have been breeding top quality American bulldog pups for several generations. We own parents grand parents, aunts, uncles and cousins of our line of American bulldog. We have a breeding taking place this winter. For more details, get in touch for information or arrange a visit.

american bulldog pups

American bulldog pups

Getting the right American bulldog pup, is very essential. You don’t want to end up getting just any pup with the hope of it turning out great. Many people fool themselves into thinking all dogs within a breed are equal. This is not the case, so picking the right stud

Otac bulldog pups

American bulldog pups

dog or pup is

important. Especially when you will spend years living with the dog you buy.

We have heard many disappointed owners that have brought American 

American bulldog pups

American bulldog pup

bulldog pups from local breeders or off internet sites, thinking they were getting a deal. Only to realise later down the road, they had brought a dud. Good research is essential.

When you buy American bulldog pups from OTAC bulldogs, your are not just buying a quality specimen. You are also getting a life long support, advice and training guidance from one of the leaders in the breed and within the working sector. When people go to buy a car, electrical and other important household items, they tend to do your research first. So if you realise that you can own an American bulldog pup for over a decade, then you should understand the importance of going only to reputable breeders.

 Please contact us:  07916256239 



With the high interest for our advice, support and guidance we’ve  decided that we will set aside some slots throughout the week to assist where we can.

We  will be putting together some weekend 121 courses and some day and night group training sessions, so get in touch for more information.

Keep an eye out for our valuable advice and tips we will be sending out on Youtube this summer so please subscribe.

 We also have adult dogs available with different degrees of working abilities. So check with us for details.

American bulldogs for sale

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