Dangerous Dogs

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The damage DANGEROUS DOG’S can cause does not just end from a sudden ruthless attack.  But the carnage can leave a lifetime of pain, fear, scars and lost.

This has been why some call the dog’s involved, “Devil Dog’s”. Which is the title of my upcoming book. The book goes out to understand to characteristics of (potential) dangerous dogs. How this dogs could be unknowingly bred by breeders. I explore the history of fighting dogs, and how their genetic pattern may influence the risk of dangerous dogs  finding there way into your homes.


We will also look at the role the environment, and psychological issues that can/have manipulated good dogs, turning them into dangerous dogs.




How to spot one


 Avoid becoming a victim


killer dogs

dangerous dogs attack

  • Fighting Dogs Truths & Myths
  • Living with Killer Dogs
  • Criminals and Dangerous Dogs
  • Triggers to Dog Attacks
  • Fighting Back

The books main aim is to reduce the level of attacks made by dogs. Plus arming the reader and their children with the skills and knowledge to prevent themselves from being another victim of dangerous dogs.


According to a recent article, the number of prosecutions under the Dangerous Dogs Act has hit its highest levels in five years. There were more than 1,200 offences committed in 2014. Below is a table of offences recorded under the dangerous dogs act:






click here for the dangerous dogs article:



Dangerous Dogs Seizures have been going up across some counties. Over the last four years there has been a huge rise in areas such as the East Midlands. The increase has been associated mainly down to backstreet breeders. To see more on this article, click here: Dangerous Dog Seizures

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